If you want to learn some more texting acronyms, download the exercises here (download the file for the listening here)or try this online exercise. It's quite tough!

What do these words have in common? Listen to Grammar Girl and find out. FYI, "Grammar Girl" is an educational podcast that offers help to people who want to improve their writing skills. IMHO, this is an excellent way of learning grammar and practising listening at the same time.

BTW, if you want to listen to more Grammar Girl podcasts, click here

CU soon ;)


Warsaw Will said...

A lot of the basis of texting language is much older than texting. Forty years ago I would be leaving messages for my flat-mates like 'CU4T@5'. There was also a well-known poem:


The clue is that you have to say 'YY' like 'two Ys' (the grammar is a bit non-standard!)

I've written a blog post for learners about texting language - Do U h8 txt msging lingo or do U thnk its just gr8?

Susana Royo said...

Thanks for the tip, Will!