Life in the slow lane

Watch the video about "Life in the Slow Lane" again


Click here to download the exercises and read the text again.

Time to spare? Here's another video about the same topic:


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April 27th

Sorry for the late update. Better late than never, though.

This "week" we've been revising vocabulary related to the senses and learning how to use ellipsis and substitution. We also started to discuss time.

Page96, exercise 6A.
Finish the exercises on the "time" handout.

And we're in for another very short week again!

Nice weekend!


Ellipsis and substitution

Anything missing?
Do you Want to get more practice with ellipsis and substitution? Of course you want to get more practice do!
Click here for an explanation and click herehere and  here for exercises.

Expressions with time

Yes, time flies, doesn't it,  but I hope you can spare a few minutes to try some exercises about "time"

Click here, here , here and here

Test yourself on some phrasal verbs here

Have a nice time!


The senses

Learn some vocabulary related to the senses and read some examples here
Try a quiz here and an exercise here

Learn new words related to...
...sounds here and here
...smells here
...taste here and here
...ways of looking here

Choke, joke, yolk

I'm joking!

I'm choking!

Practise the pronunciation of these three sounds again.

Practise the sounds with the BBC here  and here.

And try the exercises again

Yellow jell'o


April 14th

Sorry for the late update. Better late than never, though.

This week we´ve been revising how to talk about plans and arrangements and how to talk about the future in the past.

We also learned some proverbs in English.

Homework: do the exercise about proverbs in your handout (sorry, I can´t upload that one)

I have assigned a new composition to be handed in April 18th.

Have a nice... Sunday evening.

Composition. Deadline: April, 18th.

This is your new assignment:

Click on the image to enlarge it

You must write this composition
  • in 45 minutes
  • without dictionaries
  • without help from google or theInternet 
  • by hand (no computers)


English proverbs

Try some exercises about proverbs here. There are lots of resources on this page!

The future in the past

Try some exercises herehere, here and here.
another one

Download the exercises we did in class here