Perfect tenses

Here are some exercises about the perfect tenses:

Take a quiz about the perfect tenses here

Compare simple and perfect tenses here

If you need to practise the tenses separately or in comparison with others, you'll find lots of resources here or here



There's no better way to learn about social and legal issues than the news! There are thousands of resources on the Internet; here you have just a few:

If you want to try reading comprehension exercises based on current news, click here

A classic: BBC learning English Words in the News here

You can watch CNN video here

Read the Guardian here and The New York Times here.

Read the Spanish news in English here


Consonant clusters at the end of a word

Check out this video and practise the pronunciation of -st- at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a word.

Download the photocopy with exercises here.


February, 22nd

Well, we've finally managed to leave the February exams behind and classes can go back to normal.

The groups will be, I'm afraid, out of synch for a few days... or maybe permanently. Please, be patient and remember that I'll be posting exercises when I've done the activities with the three classes.

2º avanzado C: please, do the vocabulary exercise on page 151 (social issues)
2º avanzado B and C: no homework!

Enjoy the weekend!