Ibiza - there's more than just PARTIES

Listen to this video guide of Ibiza

Listen carefully. Which words were used instead of the highlighted ones?

  1. Ibiza is one of the most famous islands in the world, but also one of the most underrated. When you mention its name, people automatically think of bars, booze and constant clubbing, which is a shame.

  1. Ibiza is one of the Spanish Balearic islands. It is a patchwork of almond, olive and fig grove and beautiful pine forests.

  1. The best beaches are in the south. The north is rockier, with small coves hidden by high cliffs.

  1. I’m heading north away from San Antonio and Ibiza town. The area has become more uneven and I’ve already passed two or three beautiful whitewashed villages. I have to say it’s very beautiful.

  1. Recently a number of rural hotels have opened across the island, centred around farmhouses. They are very comfortable and very elegant.

  1. Atzaro is one of Ibiza’s best spas, along with a pool and restaurant, all surrounded by gardens planted with jasmine, palms, cacti and lavender
  2. It’s a good place to come for a day of complete relaxation, whether you want to simply laze by the pool or be pampered from head to toe in the spa or have a homemade dish in a restaurant. You simply won’t be disappointed.

 Remember: to make a description more interesting:

Avoid repeating words: there´s nothing wrong with using beautiful, but you can also use spectacular, magnificent, breathtaking, picturesque...

Be specific and give details: jasmine, palms, cacti and lavender sounds better than plants

Avoid using words like "good", "bad" or "nice".

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