Conviction: the movie and the true story.

Watch the movie trailer and  number the expressions in the order you hear them:

1 Under arrest

To set him free

Put an innocent man in prison

Life without parole

Find the defendant guilty

DNA test the murderer’s blood

Apply to law school

I’d die an old man in prison

Find a way to get him out

They lied saying they had all this evidence

Was convicted of murder

Evidence that’s 16 years old

Now watch a video about the true story behind the movie and answer the questions:

  1. What did Betty Anne use to believe?
  2. How does she describe the relationship with her brother as children?
  3. What promises did they exchange?
  4. What is amazing about Betty Anne, according to the man?
  5. Which word does he use to describe her story?
  6. How did she feel when she finally walked out of prison with her brother?
  7. Where did they go?
  8. How does he describe waking up without bars around him?
  9. What sort of things can you do for the organisation, according to the man? E.g.: donate.

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