Composition. Deadline January, 25th

Write a description of a place you know well. Write 150-200 words.

Structure your text in four paragraphs:

1. Say where the place is and give some background information.
2. and 3. Describe the place and your impressions of it.
4. Say why the place is worth visiting.

Don´t forget:

- Use specific vocabulary: bustling instead of busy, e.g.
- Avoid adjectives like "good", "bad", "nice"...
- Use synonyms to avoid repetitions: beautiful, breathtaking, stunning...; very, extremely, incredibly,...
- Add detail by modifying nouns in different ways or by exemplifying: Jasmine, palms and cacti is better than "plants"; jazz, reggae, electronica and fado is better than music.

You can wander up to the ancient church, stroll through atmospheric alleyways, have coffee and strudel in the town square, cross the odd ancient bridge over an icy stream and still have plenty of time to explore further.

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