Eighties revival!


Listen to the song and try to complete the lyrics. Post your answers in a coment when you're ready.

Last night I was dreaming I was locked in a __________
When I woke up I was screaming calling out your name.
And the ________ and the __________ they all put the _______ on me
They wouldn't go for my story
they wouldn't hear my ____________.

Only you can _____ me _______
'Cause I'm guilty - guilty - guilty as a girl can be.
Come on, baby, can't you see
I _______ __________ of love in the first degree.

Guilty of love in the first degree.

Someday I believe it you will come to my _______
Unchain my _________ you're keeping and let me start anew.
The hours pass so slowly since they've _________ away the key
Can't you see that I'm lonely
Won't you help me, please?

Only you can ....
Guilty of love in the first degree.
Guilty - of love - guilty of love in -
Guilty - of love - guilty of love in -
Guilty - of love in the first degree.

And the ______ and the _____ they all put the ______ on me
They wouldn't go for my story
They wouldn't hear my …..

Only you can …


January 25th

This week we finally finished unit 3 and started unit 4.

Click here if you want to revise crime vocabulary and here to watch the Conviction videos again.


1. Do exercise VOCABULARY CRIME COLLOCATIONS on page 44.
2. Watch the video podcast for unit three and do the exercises.

Crime and criminals

Click on the image to enlarge it
You can download the handout with exercises here.
Here's some crime vocabulary. Click on the image to enlarge it.

If you want to test yourself, try this link or this one...
... or these quizzes.
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4
If you feel like learning more legal vocabulary, click here

Conviction: the movie and the true story.

Watch the movie trailer and  number the expressions in the order you hear them:

1 Under arrest

To set him free

Put an innocent man in prison

Life without parole

Find the defendant guilty

DNA test the murderer’s blood

Apply to law school

I’d die an old man in prison

Find a way to get him out

They lied saying they had all this evidence

Was convicted of murder

Evidence that’s 16 years old

Now watch a video about the true story behind the movie and answer the questions:

  1. What did Betty Anne use to believe?
  2. How does she describe the relationship with her brother as children?
  3. What promises did they exchange?
  4. What is amazing about Betty Anne, according to the man?
  5. Which word does he use to describe her story?
  6. How did she feel when she finally walked out of prison with her brother?
  7. Where did they go?
  8. How does he describe waking up without bars around him?
  9. What sort of things can you do for the organisation, according to the man? E.g.: donate.


Pronunciation of /b/ and /v/



Practise the pronunciation of /v/ and /b/

Now try some exercises. Click here, here and here.


January, 18th

This week we continued describing places and also learning things about the noun phrase. We also watched a video about Ibiza.

Don't forget to start preparing your composition. Deadline is next Friday.

Homework for next week: page 42, exercises 1A, 3A and 4A.

Have a nice weekend!


Composition. Deadline January, 25th

Write a description of a place you know well. Write 150-200 words.

Structure your text in four paragraphs:

1. Say where the place is and give some background information.
2. and 3. Describe the place and your impressions of it.
4. Say why the place is worth visiting.

Don´t forget:

- Use specific vocabulary: bustling instead of busy, e.g.
- Avoid adjectives like "good", "bad", "nice"...
- Use synonyms to avoid repetitions: beautiful, breathtaking, stunning...; very, extremely, incredibly,...
- Add detail by modifying nouns in different ways or by exemplifying: Jasmine, palms and cacti is better than "plants"; jazz, reggae, electronica and fado is better than music.

You can wander up to the ancient church, stroll through atmospheric alleyways, have coffee and strudel in the town square, cross the odd ancient bridge over an icy stream and still have plenty of time to explore further.


The noun phrase

Click here to read an explanation of what a noun phrase is or here to see the examples given in class.

Practise compound adjectives herehere and here

Learn about the order of adjectives
Adjective order in English 1 
Adjective order in English 2 
Adjective order in English 3 
Adjective order in English 4 

Check out compound nouns herehere (this one is pretty difficult) ,here and  here

Ibiza - there's more than just PARTIES

Listen to this video guide of Ibiza

Listen carefully. Which words were used instead of the highlighted ones?

  1. Ibiza is one of the most famous islands in the world, but also one of the most underrated. When you mention its name, people automatically think of bars, booze and constant clubbing, which is a shame.

  1. Ibiza is one of the Spanish Balearic islands. It is a patchwork of almond, olive and fig grove and beautiful pine forests.

  1. The best beaches are in the south. The north is rockier, with small coves hidden by high cliffs.

  1. I’m heading north away from San Antonio and Ibiza town. The area has become more uneven and I’ve already passed two or three beautiful whitewashed villages. I have to say it’s very beautiful.

  1. Recently a number of rural hotels have opened across the island, centred around farmhouses. They are very comfortable and very elegant.

  1. Atzaro is one of Ibiza’s best spas, along with a pool and restaurant, all surrounded by gardens planted with jasmine, palms, cacti and lavender
  2. It’s a good place to come for a day of complete relaxation, whether you want to simply laze by the pool or be pampered from head to toe in the spa or have a homemade dish in a restaurant. You simply won’t be disappointed.

 Remember: to make a description more interesting:

Avoid repeating words: there´s nothing wrong with using beautiful, but you can also use spectacular, magnificent, breathtaking, picturesque...

Be specific and give details: jasmine, palms, cacti and lavender sounds better than plants

Avoid using words like "good", "bad" or "nice".


January 11th

Back to school this week after the Xmas holiday!

We've be learning to describe landscapes this week. If you want to more practice click here.

With group C we started to learn things about the noun phrase. I'll be posting some practice next week, when all the groups have done that lesson.

Homework: Groups A and B: vocabulary exercise on page 150 (adjectives)
Group C: photocopy: compound nouns.

Have a nice weekend!


Describing landscapes

A lush tropical garden
Learn  adjectives to describe landscapes and practise them here, here and here.

Revise travel and tourism vocabulary here

Click here to see the exercises we did in class.


The Gift of the Magi

The Three Wise Men being misled...
Well, this is the last of the twelve days of Christmas: Epiphany or Three Kings' day. This is - or used to be? - the  most special day for children in Spain.

Here's my little present for you. A story titled The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. Click here and enjoy it.

Have a nice time and ... I'll see you soon!


Twelfth Night or What You Will

Today is January 5th, Twelfth Night, the night before Epiphany or Twelfth Day.
Tradition says that Christmas decorations must be removed today or stay all year.

Twelfth Night or What You Will is also the title of a comedy by William Shakespeare. Here you have an adaptation from the BBC which I'm sure you'll enjoy. This is the first part. Double click on the video to go to Youtube and you'll find the rest in the related videos.


Crossword puzzles

Hey, nothing to celebrate today! And probably nothing to do, either.

Why not stay at home, warm and cosy, and try some crossword puzzles in English? Just click here.


This day in history

No particular celebration today, so perhaps we might check out what happened on other January 3rd in different years.

Click here


New Year Diet

Losing weight  is probably one of the most popular New Year's resolutions, especially after having stuffed ourselves with food these days. But, will we manage to stick with it or shall we succumb to temptation?

The BBC, as usual, is happy to lend a hand. Click here.