The best is yet to come

Listen to Barack Obama after winning the election and complete the gaps in the sentences:
Our road has been _____________________
Our journey has been ___________________
We know in our hearts that for the USA _________________________
I congratulated Romney and Ryan on a hard-fought ____________________________
Our economy is _______________________
A decade of work is_______________________
A long campaign is now __________________
With your stories and your struggles I return to the White House more ___________________ and more ___________________ than ever.

(Video: CNN)
If you want to understand how a president is elected, watch this video:

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Alejandro said...

It is a really interesting diggest about the voting system in the United States.
This system will be really amazing when you try to understand why so many difference in electors number but not so many in votes.

Every country has an own voting system. Recently, the Netherlands had general elections too.

Considering the whole country and population, I'm pretty sure it has the most complete voting system around the world.

Anyone can read further information here