November 29th

This week we have continued working with infinitives and gerunds and we have prepared a new composition. Please, revise pages 24 and 25 and the grammar exercises on page 131.

If you need to practise linkers click here,
You'll find information about the composition here.

Homework: I can't upload thehandout, sorry. You'll have to collect it in class.

Have a nice weekend and bundle up! It's cold out there.


Composition. Deadline: 12/12/12

Write a discursive essay giving your opinion about an  issue you feel strongly about. Use the text on page 25 as a model.

Structure your text into 5 paragraphs:
1. Introductory paragraph.
2. Presentation of opposing arguments.
3 and 4. Give your opinion.
5. Conclusion.

Remember to use linkers to give your text coherence.
Deadline for this composition is December 12th.


On the other hand...
Try some exercises about linkers and discourse markers. Click here, herehere and here.

If you're fond of lists, here's one.


November, 23rd

This week we've been learning about living libraries, practising the sound /3:/ and we have introduced a new grammar point: verb patterns. Please, revise pages 23 and 24 of your book.

If you want to practise the sound /3:/ click here.
For information and exercises about verb patterns click here.

You can download the homework here.

Have a nice weekend!


The Script - Man Who Can't Be Moved

Listen to The Script singing The Man Who Can't Be Moved and try the exercises. You can download them here.

Verb patterns

To be or being? That is the question.

Download the handout about verb patterns here

Need more? Don't worry. There are loads of exercises that you can try.

But wait! There's more!!

Gerund or infinitive?:
Exercise 1, Exercise 2
Verb + Object + Infinitive:
Exercise 1, Exercise 2

Grammar in Songs: Gerund and Infinitive

Grammar can also be fun. Listen to the fragments of songs and learn verb patterns.



Word, worse, hurt, bird, heard ... Unbelievable but true! They all have sound /3:/in common

Click here to watch the BBC video again.

Get some more practice here or download some exercises here


November 16th

This week we've been working on conditional sentences. Please, revise the language bank section for unit 2A in your book. Check out this link and this one for more practice.

There's no homework. I wish you a very happy weekend.


Sex, the City and the third conditional


How would things have turned out if the characters had acted differently? What do Carrie and Big Regret? What would you have done if you had been Carrie? And Big?
  • If the little girl hadn’t hidden Carrie´s phone, she would have heard his messages.
  • Big wishes he had married Carrie.
  • If I had been Carrie, I would have made Big swallow the bouquet.
You may leave your ideas in a comment!
You´ll find further practice of the third conditional here and here.
(I´ve taken this activity from moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com. Thanks a lot)


I wish

Find an explanation of the different uses of wish and exercises here
Try more exercises here,  here  and here


November 9th

This week we've managed to finish unit 1. We watched a fragment of Francesco's Venice on Monday. Click here  if you want to watch more.
Yesterday we read the texts on page 20 and 21 and listened to a fragment of Barack Obama's address to American peope. You can watch it again here.

Homework: photocopy revision conditional sentences. Sorry, I can't upload that one, but you can try this link if you need practice.

Have a nice weekend!

Conditional sentences

Should you need more practice with conditional sentences...
click here or here to try a couple of exercises.


The best is yet to come

Listen to Barack Obama after winning the election and complete the gaps in the sentences:
Our road has been _____________________
Our journey has been ___________________
We know in our hearts that for the USA _________________________
I congratulated Romney and Ryan on a hard-fought ____________________________
Our economy is _______________________
A decade of work is_______________________
A long campaign is now __________________
With your stories and your struggles I return to the White House more ___________________ and more ___________________ than ever.


(Video: CNN)
If you want to understand how a president is elected, watch this video:


Francesco's Venice Part I

This is the first part of the first episode of Francesco's Venice. To continue watching, go to Youtube and find the other parts in the related videos.