Stative Verbs in English

Listen to a teacher explaining what stative verbs are.

You can download the exercises we did in class here.
When you're done, try some exercises here,  here or here

And check out this link if you want a proper explanation of why you shouldn't say I´m loving it


José Luis said...


I've got a question about the video of Modal Verbs. When the guy says the sentence "I can go to work whenever I want", don't you think that it seems he says "can't" instead of "can"?

Anyway, the videos are really good.

Susana Royo said...

Sorry, José Luis. I´m afraid I haven't seen that video. I´m afraid I have too much on my plate right now. I´ll let you know if I find the time to have a look.

José Luis said...

No problem.
Don't get stressed!