Composition. Deadline November 11th

My friend is prone to having accidents.

Write a description of a person you know or you knew.

Write 5 paragraphs:

a) Introduction and background information.
b) Physical appearance.
c) Personality traits.
d) Habits, activities, hobbies…
e) Conclusion: comments and feelings about the person.

Use a variety of structures to talk about habits: will/would, tend to, is prone to… My grandfather would always give us pocket money whenever we visited him…  He was prone to telling us off when we misbehaved.
Avoid very general adjectives (kind, nice, good, bad…) Use more specific ones (good-natured, charming, well-behaved, naughty…)
Support your description with examples: She is very popular with her neighbours because she is so helpful. She will always baby-sit for you when you need it.
Hand in your text within the deadline!

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