Initial grammar revision

You weren't in class yesterday?
Have you lost the handouts with the homework for tomorrow?
Did your dog eat them?

There's no excuse for not doing your homework. You can download the handouts again here. We'll be correcting exercises 1-4 in our next class.

If you're a bit rusty and want to test your knowledge of English grammar and grammar terms try this link.

Have a nice weekend!


Pronunciation poems

Take a look at these rhymes that highlight English pronunciation inconsistencies.

Click here


Welcome to a new school year!

September is here again. Doesn't time fly? We'll be starting our lessons again on the 26th.

If you are familiar with this blog, you'll have seen I have removed most posts from last year. I have to make room for new ones and I'll have to start from scratch in some cases. I have only left a few things like pronunciation exercises, exam practice and others that might come in handy any time.

If you are a newcomer, I hope you'll find this blog useful to supplement your lessons. Please, feel free to join as a follower, leave your comments or contribute.

Posts will appear on a regular basis. They are listed chronologically on the left-hand side of the screen. If you prefer, you can use the labels to navigate the blog and select the most useful sections for you. You'll find the labels on the right.

See you soon!