Movie reviews

The New York times critic A.O. Scott reviews Almodovar's film All About My Mother. Watch the video and fill in the gaps in the sentences. Write your answers in a comment when you're ready.

1. All about my mother pays tribute to a tradition of ____________, romances and melodramas starring the great screen _________________ of the era.
2. Almodovar’s films usually add a few kinks to the traditional ______________.
3. A young and _____________ Penelope Cruz plays an HIV positive pregnant nun.
4. Cecilia Roth gives a wonderful central ______________
5. Manuela leaves Madrid in the wake of a terrible _________________ and falls in with a _______________________.
6. In the company of actresses, Manuela finds friendship and a renewed sense of ____________________
7. For Almodovar, sometimes you have to _____________ someone else in order to be yourself.
8. The women in this film are not ___________________, some of them not even in the literal sense.
9. This film is about how you can _____________________ with the great heroines of the stage and the screen.
10. For Almodovar, __________________ is a matter of experience, not a biological fact.

If you have a little time to spare, you can also watch this review for the classic Ben Hur. Have fun.