Easter holiday ideas

Ah! The holidays are here at last!

You probably have some time to spare now. Why not watch a movie in English?

Just sit back and relax.

If you enjoy period dramas click here

If you'd sooner watch a murder mystery click here

If you're more into (black) comedy, click here


Cleft sentences

Need more practice with cleft sentences?

All you need to do is check out this page for an explanation and try these exercises.

I Have to Have a Ferrari!

Jeremy Clarkson is a well-known British journalist who specialises in motoring. Watch him driving a 355 Ferrari  and answer the questions below:

1. What are the advantages of having:
-        a V8 engine?
-        5 valves per cylinder?
2. Clarkson had to have a Ferrari even if he knew it was ______________, ________________ and ______________
3. He wanted a green Ferrari because he was ________________________
4. Despite the price, you don't even get ________________________
5. After a few months driving it, the novelty hasn't __________________ It can still electrocute every ____________________ in his body.
6. The Ferrari “meets” European regulations about_____________________
7. Thanks to the ____________________, if he ran over a furry animal he would know what it was and what it had eaten for breakfast.
8. If the car is so good, why has he used it so little?
9. What is wrong with the roof panel?
10. Why can't he go anywhere with it?
11. People with corduroy jackets say he should _______________________ instead.

Cars and driving

I need you Kitt!
Right away, Michael.
Learn more about cars in English. Click here.

Try some vocabulary practice here,  here and here.

If you need to learn more technical vocabulary, you may find this one useful.


The Power of Body Language

Are you good at picking up body language signals? Watch the video and then  try to interpret what the people below are expressing.

Body language


Practise expresions to do with body language here

If you want to learn some body idioms, just click here and here



Porto Santo

Watch the video about the island of Porto Santo and fill in the gaps in the sentences below with only one or two words. Post your answers in a comment when you´re ready!

1. Compared to Madeira, Porto Santo is a _____________________ island.
2. Porto Santo has a 9-kilometre beach, which is ____________________ on these islands, as they are of volcanic origin.
3. The sand on the island has been proved to be beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis and ________________________
4. If you want to try the benefits of _____________________, go to the Villa Baleira Thalassa Therapy Centre.
5. The wind and the rain have carved ______________________ natural sculptures in the rocks.
6. The locals believe that Columbus lived on this island, but there is no _______________________
7. The advice of the presenter is to visit Porto Santo while it is still _______________________________


Expressing preferences

Remember some expressions we can use to express preferences:

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Try some exercises here and here