2011 - Year in Review

What were the most important news items last year? Watch the video and remember.

What / who do the following sentences refer to?

  1. The year of protests was ignited there.
  2. People power swept him out of office.
  3. People power helped bring an end to his rule.
  4. Lost his life in a US Special Forces attack on a compound where he was living with his family.
  5. His death left his country in a state of uncertainty and high alert.
  6. It killed thousands and sparked a nuclear crisis.
  7. He’s said to have done more than anyone to shake the modern world.
  8. It generated a wave of protests against corporate greed that spread around the globe.
  9. People power took an ugly turn here. It showed the worst of human behaviour put on display.
  10. The phone hacking scandal put an end to it.
  11. It was a challenging year for him. He had to fight British courts while his site floundered.
  12. Her death prompted grieving.
  13. It was a cause of much public celebration.
  14. There was horror and tragedy when this right-wing extremist launched twin attacks on his own country.
Watch again and check.

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