I Have to Have a Ferrari!

Jeremy Clarkson is a well-known British journalist who specialises in motoring. Watch him driving a 355 Ferrari  and answer the questions below:

1. What are the advantages of having:
-        a V8 engine?
-        5 valves per cylinder?
2. Clarkson had to have a Ferrari even if he knew it was ______________, ________________ and ______________
3. He wanted a green Ferrari because he was ________________________
4. Despite the price, you don't even get ________________________
5. After a few months driving it, the novelty hasn't __________________ It can still electrocute every ____________________ in his body.
6. The Ferrari “meets” European regulations about_____________________
7. Thanks to the ____________________, if he ran over a furry animal he would know what it was and what it had eaten for breakfast.
8. If the car is so good, why has he used it so little?
9. What is wrong with the roof panel?
10. Why can't he go anywhere with it?
11. People with corduroy jackets say he should _______________________ instead.

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