Porto Santo

Watch the video about the island of Porto Santo and fill in the gaps in the sentences below with only one or two words. Post your answers in a comment when you´re ready!

1. Compared to Madeira, Porto Santo is a _____________________ island.
2. Porto Santo has a 9-kilometre beach, which is ____________________ on these islands, as they are of volcanic origin.
3. The sand on the island has been proved to be beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis and ________________________
4. If you want to try the benefits of _____________________, go to the Villa Baleira Thalassa Therapy Centre.
5. The wind and the rain have carved ______________________ natural sculptures in the rocks.
6. The locals believe that Columbus lived on this island, but there is no _______________________
7. The advice of the presenter is to visit Porto Santo while it is still _______________________________

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