2010: a year in review.

Do you remember the main news stories of 2010?
What happened in…
Times Square in NY?
The Mexican Gulf?

Watch again and complete the gaps in the following sentences:

1. The earthquake in Haiti is one of the __________________ natural disasters on record.
2. According to Obama, thousands of Americans will be able to ______________ insurance coverage.
3. In April, the eruption of a volcano sent up ____________________ of smoke and ash, affecting millions of travellers.
4. A BP oil rig exploded causing the largest oil _____________ in American history.
5. In May, a ____________________ was discovered inside an SUV parked in Times Square. A Pakistani-American ________________ guilty for the case and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
6. General Petraeus ________________ the post of Commander of American troops in Afghanistan after his predecessor was forced to __________________ after a scandal.
7. Hilary Clinton declared that Wikileaks activity puts people’s lives in danger and _____________________ national security.
8. The rescue of 33 Chilean miners is the __________________ story of the year.
9. In November, Prince William is officially ________________, as Buckingham Palace announces his engagement.

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