Kate and William: The story so far

They're the couple of the moment! Would you like to know more about this love story?

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José Luis said...

Actually I'm not into gossip press but I've tried to get all the gaps. I've had to listen to the speech several times (many times, in fact), but here we go:

September 2001
They first met in St. Andrews University

They moved into a shared house with friends

Late 2003
Kate splits with his boyfriend (a former St. Andrews' student)

Three months later
they were skiing together and the cat was officially let out of the bag, as Clarence House refused to deny they were dating.

March 2004
it was fully exposed

April 2005
Kate was invited to the Charles and Camilla's wedding.

June 2005
Kate and Will graduated at the same time. They celebrated it with a romantic break in Kenya

October 2005
Kate is feeling the strain of dating the heir to the throne. She was hunted by photographers.

December 2006
William graduated from his army training and Kate was in the stage.

April 14th, 2007
It was confirmed the couple had split.

June 2007
They were seen together again when Kate attended the concert tribute to Diana.

April 2008
Kate joined Charles and Camilla when Wills was awarded with the IRF
pilot wings.

May 2008
Kate attended the wedding of Will's cousin, despite the fact Will couldn't attend this wedding.

June 2008
She joined again Will's family when Will was made Knight of the ??

January 2010
Kate join again Charles and Camilla when Will is awarded with the helicopter wings and they seem happy and relaxed...

November 2010
The couple announce their engagement.

And now…
they only have the small task of planning a royal wedding.

Susana Royo said...

Just a couple of things:

Kate WASN'T invited to Charles and Camilla's wedding

Will was awarded the RAF (Royal Air Force) pilot's wings

William was made Knight of the Garter. Information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Garter

Nice work!