Kate and William: The story so far

They're the couple of the moment! Would you like to know more about this love story?

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Flu and cold treatment

Down with the flu? Can't get over a common cold?
Here are some tips to fight off the symptoms:

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21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada

I finally got round to reading and choosing a text for this video. Better late than never! Thanks to the (few) students who contributed their texts. They were all excellent, but I had to choose just one.

Why did I pick this particular text? It's very well organized, the topic sentences are well chosen and the vocabulary is accurate and to the point. It also summarizes the contents of the video superbly. Good work.

Technology is speeding up the world. Do you remember the last time you got up to change the channel or when you sent a film to be developed? Not for sure. The hectic pace of technology is changing our lives more and more. The use of information and communication technologies such as laptops or social nets has experienced a dramatic increase in the last decade.

In this changing world, will education be prepared to keep up with these developments? Blackboards, textbooks, CDs, paper and pens seem to be replaced by tablet PCs, internet or digital media. Teaching is facing a key challenge: Being able to adapt to the current growth of technology. In this general framework, innovations in how and what is taught appear to be essential to engage students.

Both investment in physical and human capital play a key part. To that end, an important amount of resources is necessary.  However achieving this goal may be specially hard these days, when the international crisis is seriously affecting the economic field. Are we prepared for the future?  

Eva, Carolina, José Antonio and Ana (2º A)


Adverbs of frequency


As a rule:
- Simple one word adverbs and modified adverbs come before the main verb or after
I don't generally have a big breakfast.
I'm hardly ever hungry when I get up

- Longer adverbial phrases tend to sound more natural at the beginning or the end of a sentence:
I get a takeaway once in a while
Nine times out of ten I go home for lunch.

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