Mika - Lover boy

Listen to Mika again singing Lover boy

Did you spot the mistakes in the presentation?

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How to introduce other people

Listen to Hazely explaining how to introduce other people.
In which order should you introduce people?
What language should you use?
What is "contextualizing"?
Do you agree with everything she says?

You can also try this listening exercise if you want more practice 
or check out this link if you want more tips on how to introduce 
yourself in formal situations.

How to introduce yourself

Listen to the tips on how to introduce yourself.
What should you do when you enter a room?
What should you do when you say your name?
How can you start a conversation?

The English study group

Some students of English meet at the cafeteria. Each one has a particular problem with the language: grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary or stressing words correctly. Watch the video and see the hilarious results.

Too difficult?
It gets easier now. Here's the script:

- Hi, aren’t we all on the same English course?
- Yeah, we are, how’s it going.
- Not bad, but I sometimes have trouble with grammar, isn’t it?
- Really?
- Sometimes I spot-on and other times I don’t, aren’t they?
- I’m all right with my grammar. My problem is “spilling” Can’t spill to save my loaf (I can’t spell to save my life) I have to rely on me spill chock on me compluter (I have to rely on my spell check on my computer)
- Don't worry about it too much, I´m sure we'll treat you with a lot of understanding and comPASSION!
- Right! The problem is with me spilling, not me herring (hearing).
- You've got trouble with the punctuation, isn't it?
- Yeah, sorry. I sometimes put an exclamation mark at the end by MISTAKE!
- It's all right for you lot. I've got a very small vocabulary.
- What’s that like?
- It's all right for you lot. I've got a very small vocabulary.
- Sometimes I have trouble with my emPHAsis
- Your emPHAsis?
- Yes, on various different parts of the senTENces. In my job that can cause quite a lot of awkARDness.
- What do you do?
- I’m a speech theRApist.
- A peach therapist who can’t spike preperly? I’m surprised your boss hasn’t sucked (sacked) you.
- It's all right for you lot. I've got a very small vocabulary.
- Can I make a SUggestion? Why don’t you PURchase a dictioNAry? You’ll save yourself a lot of embarRASSment
- I know! We can all try studying together, isn’t it? How does it next week sounds?
- Prefect.
- FaBUlous
- It's all right for you lot...
- SHUT UP!!!