Body language at work

How can you interpret body language? How can you improve your own body language?

Watch this video and find out:

Try to answer the following questions:
1. What are short term signals? And long term signals?
2. What signals will your body give when a conversation is going wrong? How can you recover the situation?
3. What difference is there between talk and think speed?
4. What are the basic zones to consider when standing near someone?
5. What can you convey with your handshake?
6. How can you neutralize someone with a strong personality?
7. Where does the habit of looking someone in the eye come from?
8. What are beady and bambi eyes?
9. What can you interpret if someone looks down or away?
10. What happens if you look at someone in the forehead?
11. How can you improve your own body language?
12. Why is it useful to talk about ordinary things in a business meeting?

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